Updated: Oct 21, 2019

By: Elizabeth Norton

Since its establishment in 1841 by John Neely, Dallas has been the hub for business, art,

education, and sports. There has been a lot of movement into the city in recent times, and the reasons are not far-fetched. Its booming economy and central location are a few

reasons why many people are moving. 

If you’re looking to move, I guess that you already know why you want to do so, but in case you’re still contemplating it, here are 10 facts about Dallas that could help you make that decision faster!

1. The economy is great

With a lot of businesses and big companies thriving, it is no surprise that the Dallas economy is booming. The areas of education and arts contribute to the economy as well. Also, its strategic location makes it a perfect place for tourism and vacation. 

This impressive economy has attracted and is still attracting several reputable companies and establishments to the city.

2. The job opportunity is high

Dallas presents many job opportunities to experienced and recent graduates. The city has a low unemployment rate, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Projections also show that the employment rate is expected to grow in the coming years. Moreover, Dallas ranks high when it comes to job growth and creation. When you compare all these with its relatively low cost of living, then you’ll want to make Dallas your home!

3. Absence of state income taxes

When you work in Texas, you don’t have to worry about state income taxes. However, sales and property tax may be relatively higher to fund state projects. Fair enough if you ask me!

4. Home to great food

If you’re moving to Dallas, one thing is a guarantee – exquisite food! For the foodies out

there, Dallas is the place to be. There are dozens of restaurants you can choose from for

your favorite foods.

5. Sports live in Dallas

Sports fans would love Dallas as it is home to a lot of popular sports teams. Five-time Super Bowl champions Dallas Cowboys, popularly known as the “America’s Team,” is a major pride of the city of Dallas. Plus, there is the Dallas Mavericks, and even though they haven’t won the NBA championship for about eight years, remain very competitive.

6. The weather is amazing

The temperatures usually range from the mid-50s to the upper-70s. Though there are

usually slight changes in the summer, the climate is mostly warm, and there’s rarely snow! This magnificent weather creates room for outdoor activities all through the year.

7. Great place for business

In 2014, it had the sixth highest GDP per capita and was voted one of America’s best cities for business a year later! A lot of big companies have their headquarters in Dallas, and it is no coincidence.  Apart from frontrunners like AT&T, American Airlines, and ExxonMobil, other big hitters like Toyota, and FedEx, do their business in this city, and they’re all thriving!

8. Plenty of entertainment

The Rodeo and Stock Show are major highlights in Dallas when it comes to entertainment. Also, there are a lot of museums and art galleries around where you can get maximum sightseeing. The Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Dallas Theatre Center are some examples.

9. Best educational options

There are a lot of educational institutions in Dallas where you can earn a degree. The

University of Texas at Dallas, as well as Southern Methodist University (SMU), are both in

Dallas and offer a lot of graduate and undergraduate programs. The Creative Arts Center of Dallas also allows you to learn the art and other creative skills.

10. Exceptional healthcare

There are a lot of renowned hospitals and specialty clinics available in Dallas. Here you’ll

find the Children’s Medical Center, Texas Health Resources, and the Dallas Veteran’s

Hospital. All these facilities provide professional and adequate healthcare to residents.

There’s so many fascinating things you could enjoy by living in Dallas. You may already be considering moving to Dallas but don’t know exactly how to go about it. New to Dallas Locator would be a great place to start. They won’t only help you locate the best

apartments in Dallas, but they will go further to see you through the processes involved. They also offer a lot of unique services that you can’t get anywhere else. You can check them out here.

All the great things you’ve heard about Dallas are not fiction or fairy tales; it is indeed the place to be!

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